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A District Cooling System (“DCS”) produces chilled water within a centralized energy plant and distributes it through underground pipes to buildings connected to the system and provides them with air/fluid-conditioning. ECOTECH pre-insulated pipes are the best solution for District Cooling Systems.


In the area of district heating, the recovery heat can be converted, through special machines called absorbers, into cold water. The transport of this cold water through special pre-insulated pipes allows buildings to be cooled by increasing the efficiency of the system.

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District Cooling System is recognized to be highly energy efficient compared to equivalent conventional systems being operated at individual buildings. There are main benefits by using a DCS compare to a decentralized cooling system District Cooling Systems

  • Require much lower capital expenses and have lower operating costs, as they are based on energy diversity sources
  • Are eco-friendly, as they use less electrical power compared to traditional cooling systems
  • Lower the air pollution as they are based on green energy sources

ECOTECH is the ideal solution
to reduce energy losses

ECOTECH is the ideal solution to reduce energy losses

Thanks to the use of innovative materials and advanced know-how we are able to guarantee minimum heat loss values, limiting energy losses



Solutions to reduce the energy consumption

Our pre-insulated pipes are performing to reduce heat loss, for hot or cold liquid temperature