The complete range of products and extra-long rolls to avoid joints

Tubi preisolati Flessibili

Ecotech’s complete range of products includes pre-insulated PE-Xa pipes in rolls cut to size according to project specifications with the aim of avoiding (or minimising) intermediate joints.

The technical sales staff at Ecoline & Ecotech take note of the requests, and support the Customer in choosing the most suitable solution to obtain the best performance from the system.

Less heat loss

The Ecotech pre-insulated pipes are the ideal choice to create installations with the lowest heat loss, resulting in reduced operating costs during the entire life-time of the plant.

The Ecotech system is also bonded:

Carrier pipe + PUR insulation + outer PE casing  bound together.

This makes it possible to block the migration of infiltrations that may occur due to incorrectly installed fittings or accidental breakage of the outer PE casing, which is often caused by future excavations carried out to install other underground utilities.

Ecotech for the sanitary system

In addition to heating pipes, products for the sanitary system also include an oxygen diffusion barrier to make the carrier pipe perfectly impenetrable and guarantee the characteristics of the transported fluid.

Possible solutions

The maximum diameter that can be achieved for the carrier pipe heating system is 125mm (160 mm in bars) and 75mm for the sanitary system.

In addition to supplying rolls cut to size, Ecotech can also produce maxi-rolls for the construction of plants with the longest possible pipe lengths, without intermediate joints, which in turn increases the efficiency/guarantee of the system.